Will Hair Extensions Damage My Own Hair?

hair damage imageThis question is worthy of a short blog as the answer isn’t a simple one. The quick answer to this is ‘No, they won’t damage your hair’ but I’d like to explain why.

Firstly, we are fully qualified and experienced extensionists so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing. We attach an equal amount of extension hair to your natural hair in the bonding process so that no extra pressure is placed on the natural hair. If the extension is too heavy, it can add tug and potentially, worst case scenario, pull your own hair from the root.

We don’t do this. Even if you don’t use Just Bonds for your hair extensions, ensure that your chosen extensionist is qualified and, ideally, experienced.

Secondly, we reserve the right to decline an installation should we feel that your natural hair is too fine or weak. Whilst this is very rare, there have been ocassions where a client has weakened hair for a number of reasons such as medication, stress and anxiety and so on, and we’ve had to refuse. It had made us feel terrible but we’d rather be honest and protect your natural hair from further damage.

Thirdly, we choose an installation method that is best suited to your hair. Generally, fusion bonds are a ‘safe for all’ whilst micro rings can be slightly heavier on your natural hair. At Just Bonds we prefer using micro rings on thick, healthy hair as it is able to tolerate the extra weight. However, this is a topic for discussion during consultation. Fourthly, maintenance! We provide you with an aftercare leaflet as well as discussing your aftercare at your consultation. We want to ensure that you can manage your extensions without them causing you anguish. As long as you follow these simple instructions and apply common sense (no tugging!), you’ll have no problems at all.

And finally, we apply the amount of bonds that we feel are suitable for your lifestyle. If you work out regularly or wash your hair every day, for example, you may find it easier to go for less as opposed to more. Washing, drying, straightening and curling all take their toll on your natural hair so, equally, the longevity of the extensions will be lessened. We will discuss this in more detail with you. ┬áSo there it is. Adhere to your maintenance ritual and the rest is for us to decide. It’s not that hard!

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