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At Just Bonds Boutique, we don’t have a set price guide like many other companies. This is mainly due to the differences between individuals natural hair, their desires and requirements with their extensions. For example, if you have very fine hair and require thickening, you may only need 20 bonds in 14″ using Indian cuticle hair. This would cost you around £80. If , however, you have thick hair and require lengthening, the process requires meeting the thickness of your natural hair with your extensions. Therefore, you may require 250 bonds which will cost up to £400. Or, if you have fine hair and require some more length (say 18″), due to the lesser amount of natural hair, a full head may require 100 bonds cost £260. See how diverse it is?!

So, for these reasons, we offer a bespoke service. For an approximate quote prior to consultation, we ask that you let us know the length, thickness and colour(s) of your natural hair as well as your extension requirements. From here we will aim to give a rough quote – complete accuracy can only be reached at a consultation.

We understand that budgets vary and we do aim to meet budgets where possible. However, please bear in mind that our products are of a high standard and we will not compromise these for anything.

If you choose to provide your own hair and wish for us to install, prices are between £100 and £180. We will only install human hair and photos will not be included on our website or facebook page.

Please contact us with any further questions…