The Boutique

The hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Hair extensions have become hugely popular in the last few years. With such pressure on us all to look our best this really comes as no surprise.

Hair extensions offer the perfect solution to the modern day woman who desires an immediate hair transformation, without the risk of a cut or the damage of a colour. You can add extra length to your shoulder length hair, increase the thickness of your fine hair or simply add curl and/or colour to your existing style.

Hair extensions give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of in just a few hours. Perfect for all you on-the-go glamour girls out there!

Whatever you’re looking for, be it the perfect waist length hair for your wedding day or simply something to knock them dead while you’re out on the town, Just Bonds can make it happen.

What should I do first?

Contact us to arrange a FREE consultation. This gives us an opportunity to meet one another and ascertain your specific requirements. Having done so, we will colour match your hair and arrange an install date. A deposit will be required at this stage. (If necessary, a consultation can be conducted over the phone and a small sample plus deposit can be posted to us).

Once your date is arranged we ask that you allow four hours for your installation – fear not, we will endeavour to make it as pleasurable as possible! Our pricing┬ásystem works on a bespoke basis. We don’t believe in charging a flat rate to all customers as this allows for unecessary over-paying (or under-paying in cases of thick hair!) See our pricing page for more information.