Hair Guide

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Our Guide To Lovely Hair

Just Bonds offer several types of extension hair to suit everyones needs and budgets! We appreciate it can be quite daunting for the novice to decide which hair is most suitable for them. Budget aside, some hair has a glossy shine whilst another is 100% natural looking. The best way to decide is to come along and actually see and feel the hair. However, in the meantime the guide below might be of use. Although an accurate quote cannot be given until your consultation, we have offered a rough guide as to the level of price for each extension. Please note that all of our hair is human hair and we do not provide fibre/synthetic hair extensions.

Bohyme® REMI

Bohyme® REMI is the name trusted by top professionals worldwide. It is the first 100% Remi human hair available on the market, the the highest quality available to you and your customers. Remi hair is exclusive to the Bohyme® line of 100% human hair. Bohyme® begins with selecting the best raw materials. They only use healthy and youthful hair, which goes through our extensive control methods to ensure exceptional quality. Each strand is hand picked strand by strand to ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction so no tangling occurs. Because of Bohyme’s endless efforts to ensure the best and use the most advanced technology, Bohyme® will consistently deliver – Superior Quality, Full Body, Luster & Long Life. Available in all colours and lengths: 14″, 18″ and 22″. Hair comes in silky straight, body wave and tight curl. Medium price range.

Indian Remy

High quality, cuticle aligned hair to suit caucasian and afro caribbean textures. Indian Remy often has a more natural and sometimes coarse texture which is perfectly suited to a high percentage of hair types. Available in all lengths and colours and comes in silky straight. Lower price range.

Genuine European

Natural looking, cuticle aligned hair. Extremely durable and suits virtually everyone! European hair is one of the most popular and provides great longevity if cared for properly. Available in all lengths and colours and comes in silky straight. Medium price range.

Raw/Coloured Russian and Brazillian Hair

Raw Russian/Brazillian hair remains in its natural state (apart from delousing) and has been through no chemical processes. Undoubtedly, the hair will need to be dyed to match your natural hair but the condition will be of the highest standard possible. You will not find more natural looking hair, with its natural shine and soft wave. Coloured Russian/Brazillian hair has simply been pre-coloured to save us doing the work! It is available in all colours and lengths and can be re-used several times unlike other hair. Available in straight, body wave, curly and afro-kinky. (Higher price range).

Feather Hair Extensions

These add a bohemian edge to your hair, and are perfect for festival season! They come in varying colours, can be applied individually and can last for up to 6 months. (Applied using the micro ring method).