Fusion Bonds

(Also known as fusion bonds, glue bonds, individual strands, and ‘strand by strand’ method)

The fusion technique is one that fuses the strand of extension hair to your own with a hair friendly, keratin based glue. The glue is then rolled to form a discreet bond. This is repeated in rows (from nape to crown) until the required length and volume is achieved. One of the main benefits of this technique is that different colours can be added allowing for a more natural look. The bonds are attached around a quarter of an inch shy of the scalp, enabling free movement of the extension hair.

The adhesive used for this method is completely safe and designed for the very purpose of hair extensions. When removing extensions, the bonds are simply saturated in acetone allowing them to crack and slide out out of the natural hair.

With the correct care and regular maintenance, fusion hair extensions can last between three and four months. With regular rotations (top ups) they can last up to ten months.

We also offer pre-tipped bonds which are effecive in reducing the shedding that is common with fusion bonding.

Pro-flex tape

Bonding Strips offer a temporary solution for hair extensions. Ideal for a special occasion or a great way to experiment. They are easy to maintain and last anywhere upto 6 weeks. A weft of extension hair is measured against your head and attched to the Bonding Strip (a medical grade double-sided tape developed exclusively for the hair replacement industry) which is then attached to a section of your hair and secured in place. This is repeated in several rows to create volume and/or length. Bonding Strips are transparent, easy and fast to fit and remove and are proven hair safe.

A benefit of this method is that you are able to re-apply the hair several times after use.

Micro Rings

Micro rings are the non-glue method of installing individual strands thus making them more attractive to many people. The hair is attached using a discrete ring and tightened with pliers. They are easy to apply, neaten and remove. These are suitable for thickening and lengthening natural hair. Micro rings are also suitable for fine, shorter hair.

Clip In Extensions

We can also prepare clip in hair extensions as a bespoke service.