Holiday Extensions

holiday extensions imageAlthough we all want beautiful, long hair on our summer holidays ‘a la Timotei’, you need to consider the implications of hair extensions in the sea, chlorinated pool and heat!

Firstly, sea salt and chlorine have a glorious way of knotting our natural hair, not to mention extensions, so you need to ensure you’re fully prepared if you plan to have a dip. The last thing you want during your holiday is a five- man team having to remove the huge knot from your head!

The heat is also something you need to consider.  Whilst it may seem a ‘wonderful’ idea pre-holiday, as you browse the temperature of your exotic destination and lapse into a dream world full of big hair, tiny bikini’s and cocktails, the reality of carrying 100g plus of hair can be extremely uncomfortable (and sweaty)!

Don’t let this put you off entirely, we have plenty of clients who wear their extensions for months on end and travel all over the world to hot climates. We just need you to be aware of the issues that exist. If you’re planning a holiday, please speak to us and we can give you a full guide on how to care for your holiday extensions. We want you returning home looking as fabulous as the day you left. Not like Worzel Gummidge!

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