Glue Glum: A Sticky Situation

Glue Glum Blog ImageSomething we’ve felt the need to talk about we’re finally talking about!

Okay, we’re having gals come to us from all over saying that they’ve had extensions fitted but either a) the extensionist isn’t answering their calls when trying to arrange a removal or b) the extensionist ‘doesn’t do’ removals. This is extremely worrying. As a result, we’ve undertaken a few of these removals and have been astonished to find that the glue used for bonding is almost impossible to remove.

The removals in question are taking us at least double the time that a removal should take and the poor customer ends up with a sore head as you can imagine. We understand that everyone has a budget. We understand that we all want that quick fix, immediate pick me up to make us feel more confident. Low cost extensions can be the perfect solution.

However…and we emphasise this, PLEASE ensure that if you decide to opt for these extensions, ask questions about the glue. Ask if the extensionist offers removals. If they don’t, alarm bells should ring. An extensionist should offer a full service from install through to removal and if they don’t, advance with caution. The glue in question is, what we believe, to be a very cheaply priced industrial glue that isn’t intended for hair extensions. At first it seems exceptional as there is next to no shedding. As time goes on, the bonds start to tug at your natural hair and increase the risk of pulling your hair from the root. It takes us a long time to remove these bonds and despite being ultra careful, customers are left very frustrated and sore.

So, we understand that you can’t always afford our prices but please ask so we can see if there’s anything we can do for you. Our products are all hair friendly and we’re at the end of a phone for you. Think carefully about the quick fix and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Be careful, ladies. Your hair is an important asset and you don’t want to be left with bald spots. Love, x

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