Do you use real hair?

Absolutely! We ONLY use human hair of the finest quality. What type of hair do you use? We offer European, Indian Remy, Russian, Brazillian and Bohyme hair.

Which is the best hair?

Each to their own! Some say Russian is the best whilst others swear by Bohyme! There are also those who adore Indian Remy. Whilst Russian hair goes through a lesser treatment process, it ultimately boils down to which hair is best suited to you!

How long do they last?

Realistically, extensions that are not topped up regularly will last for three months. Those that are can last up to twelve months! However, adhering to an after-care program is vital.

Will I be given after-care support?

Naturally! We offer bespoke advice on how you should care for your extensions as well as issuing you with aftercare document.

Can the extensions be re-applied before the bonds fail?

Sometimes yes, though we prefer to use fresh hair. This will allow for greater longevity of your extensions.

Is it difficult to care for my extensions?

Difficult, no. Time-consuming, possibly! You need to remember that the extensions do require a little more care than would your natural hair. What begins as a ‘conscious thought process’ will soon become second nature.

Will the extensions damage my own hair?

Absolutely not! We wouldn’t be endorsing anything that would!

Will I be able to use hair dye with the extensions in?

Just your re-growth. Colouring the whole of your head may damage or loosen the bonds (not to mention the colour the bonds might turn!).

How are the extensions removed?

We use plain and simple acetone. It smells quite potent but cracks the bonds allowing them to slide out. Easy!

Will the extensions cause irritation to my scalp?

Providing you have informed us of any allergies during your consultation (don’t worry, we will ask) then you shouldn’t. Your scalp may feel a little sensitive and even itchy for a day or two but that’s it. If you fear a rash may have broken out then we urge you to call us immediately.

How much will my hair extensions cost?

This is impossible to say without seeing your hair. We need to assess the length, colour and thickness of your natural hair then decide which hair type/length and colour you wish to opt for. All of this must be taken into consideration before an accurate quote is given.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes! We require a deposit of £100 at your consultation. This will be deducted from the balance that is payable on your install date.

How much will I have to pay for the consultation?

Nothing. It’s free!

What does the consultation involve?

An informal chat about your requirements, lifestyle etc. We will decide whether hair extensions are right for you and assuming they are, will proceed to colour match your hair and book your installation.

What is Fusion bonding?

This is the strand by strand method. Hot, hair friendly glue is used to attach the extensions to your head in a series of rows starting at the nape and graduating up to the crown. If you are looking for a long-lasting, natural-looking hair extension then this technique is highly recommended.

How long will the extensions take to fit?

This will be confirmed at your consultation but we recommend that you allow four hours.

Are hair extensions suitable for Afro-Caribbean hair?

Perfectly so. Many of our clients are Afro-Caribbean.

Do I need to use any specific products to care for my extensions?

Not at all. Eleven years ago we begun our business by recommending products to our clients. Eleven years on and we realise that they use numerous products. Carry on as you are.

Do I need to use any specific brushes to care for my extensions?

We recommend an extension brush that is a lot gentler on your hair and will prevent knotting or frizzing. This will be discussed during your consultation.


Anything not covered here, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.